There’s a whole world out there looking for you and I to provide something from our hearts that will make a difference to someone else’s.

Sometimes that’s really difficult for us to do given our day today concerns.

I am like you, I want to help them I want to help the people around me and sometimes I get caught up in my own world and life events or merely my day to day.

I’m finally tired of sitting on the sidelines and not being in the game to be part of something bigger than myself bigger and something that’s going to touch someone with my direct contribution.

My name is Duraid Hallak and I would like A NEW REALITY TO EMERGE!!

What’s near and dear to me are people that are homeless and living with a mental disorder in the Streets of San Diego. I’m also really concerned about what’s going on in the Middle East. And I really don’t know what to do about it other than get upset and 10 minutes later go about my day forgetting about it.

That doesn’t work for me anymore and it doesn’t work for the people in the streets with mental disorders or the babies being killed in Syria and Iraq.

I want to do something about it and I know in your heart of hearts you have something near and dear to you that you want to do something about as well, right?!.

Hence the formation of TheCharityNetwork.com.

My intention is that we find companies out there willing to step up and allow us to be part of a program that donates a particular percentage of our purchases and gives them directly to the charity of our choice.

Now how we want to do this it’s by finding companies and people that have the same vision!

Through this network our customers are going to have direct contribution into the hands that need it most and that’s the Legitimate organizations that are not for profit making a difference around the world.

Now for the like minded people that believe in what you read above: SIGN UP for the program and choose your charity of choice on our list.

Look for these companies sponsored here, buy from them and they send a percentage of your purchase back to their charity of your choice.

It’s as simple as that and with this network you get to feel good about everything you buy online and hopefully soon offline.

We create something for every single little purchase you make and it could be from playing a game on your phone to groceries to buying that new TV .

Companies willing to be part of this should see a noticeable difference in purchase amount and frequency of purchases because we are driven to do better.

These possibilities are endless.

Please join me and making this website something that is no longer a simple dream of mine and something that is going to live on for many generations to come and bringing all of us one step closer to see good in every part of this world and leaving a legacy that we can talk about and share for the Next Generation.

Thank you.


@TheCharityNetwork 2017

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